Bitrix24 – Intranet deployed is less than 5 mins


As I’m planning to collate and build up a library of user guides, faq, sop for RecruitPlus, a bigger issue came about. How do we ensure maximum visibility and ease of retrieval so these content don’t end up in a forgotten folder collecting dusts?

I remember using an Intranet back in 2000 when I was working at StarHub. That was a godsend for us as the call center was new and information was changing by the minute. The intranet allowed us to access new information instantly even when we are on the phone with a customer.

That forms the basis of my requirement.

I asked a few of my tech friends. A few of them were actually using facebook group. I didn’t felt that was the best option since it mixes up work and personal stuff. And imagine the distraction!

After some research I decided to give Bitrix24 a go.

The choice was easy to make. Bitrix24 is free. Yes free.

It is for the first 12 users. And that is very much sufficient for many SMEs.

And to my delight Bitrix24 is more than just an intranet (or social intranet as they like to call it). I realized I can tap on its chat function (msn style) and it even come with free 5GB data storage (goodbye legacy NAS back up server)

We used to house our data on our own server but that means access to those files outside of office environment would require VPN, a step which might be complicated for some. And sometime VPN don’t work well at public network.

With a dropbox like storage, that problem is solved.

So in less than 5 minutes, I have an intranet, a chat app exclusive to office users and also 5GB of data storage. Not bad for a few minutes of online research.

To all small businesses owners, there are plenty of tools out in the market. You just need to know where to find.


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