3x Your HR Transactional Experience With Alt Worklife

I just finished giving a talk on HR technology when I was approached by a couple of attendees.

They happened to be from the Singapore Navy and was there to learn more about HR Technology which they might be able to consider for their organisation.

For an organisation with the most modern fighting machinery on the sea in South East Asia, any person applying for a day of leave would have to make their way to their camp and make that submission via an intranet terminal.

Old School Leave Taking

For many government organisations that are still trying to understand where cloud-based SaaS fits into their existing security framework, their resistance to it is understandable.

However, it isn’t much different in many small and medium businesses that I encounter.

A 150 pax logistics company I know of is still on the following since time immemorial:

You can imagine the amount of administrative work that is required to enter that into a spreadsheet, keep that updated and do monthly reconciliation to make sure entries remain correct.

Since access would not readily be available, the employee has no visibility on accuracy.

A process that could potentially take seconds by the employee and zero involvement by HR turned into one that continues to sap time and energy.

And that is just one employee!

Design-thinking + mobile-centricity

Since every one would have a smartphone nowadays, PeopleStrong set out to design the most user-friendly Employee Self-Service (ESS) app possible on the mobile phone.

Taking a leave from the ease of use in Apple iPhones, the design-thinking ensures that any tasks can be completed with minimal swipes and clicks.

All these done on a flat and minimalist interface that emphasises usability over embellish design elements.

We call it Alt Worklife.

Screenshots of Alt Worklife

So over and above easy leave-taking, you can:

1. Get updated on the latest company policy and wish your colleagues birthday, anniversary, etc.

2. Mark your attendance based on GPS (or just enter in the details)

3. Easily find and reach out to your colleagues through different means

4. And many more functions such as putting through a claim and making an employee referral.

5. If that isn’t enough, deep integration allows Single Sign-On accessibility with other applications.

In this case here, my Alt Worklife App shows Qilo – a tool we are using as a customer to better manage our OKRs internally.

Some of these are the reasons why Singapore Life, Institute of Banking & Finance and聽TRUE Corp picked Alt Worklife to simplify and power their core HRMS.

Keen to learn more about Alt Worklife? Drop me a message.

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