99: Lindsay Brown on why companies need to unify their communications

Lindsay Brown is the Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific for GoTo. He leads the strategy, performance and ongoing evolution of the regional business.

His career spans 20+ years in Information Technology, where he has a successful track record in scaling start-ups, developing emerging brands and growing established multi-national technology companies. He has recently held senior sales leadership positions in companies such as Adobe, Citrix and LogMeIn.

Lindsay established his early career in enterprise software and pre-sales, quickly advancing to develop expertise in sales leadership and general management for growth organisations across the Asia Pacific.

His commitment to exponential growth is a testament to GoTo in APAC being the fastest-growing region globally. Under Lindsay’s leadership, LogMeIn (now GoTo) placed in the top 10 Great Places To Work twice in both Australia and India.

Lindsay is based in Sydney, Australia.

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