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8 Strategies for Acing a Remote Interview

Shifting entirely to telecommuting and video meetings in 2020 was a change that could not have been expected.

For people who are currently on the search for a new position, the added stress of virtual interviews has made job hunting even more of a challenge. 

However, there are strategies you can employ to make the most of your remote interview.

Even in a virtual environment, it’s important to be putting your best foot forward at all times to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

If you want to nail your virtual interview, keep reading for 8 of the best remote interview tips to help you get hired. 

Test out your technology

In a time where every meeting starts with “Can everybody see my screen?”, being on top of your tech is more important than ever.

Be sure to check your microphone, speakers, camera, and internet before your video interview.

You should also ensure you are connected to a power source to prevent any awkwardness of having to stop the interview to grab a charger. 

Close any background programs

It’s all too common to have several tabs open on your computer at once, but this can make it run much slower than normal.

Be sure to close all tabs except the ones that are necessary.

A good rule of thumb is to treat your screen like you could be screen sharing at a moment’s notice—you wouldn’t want anything up that you wouldn’t be ok with your interviewer seeing. 

Get fully dressed

Many people have heard the horror stories of interviewers asking interviewees to stand up during the video meeting, only to reveal that they are wearing bunny slippers (or something of the sort). 

Although the chances of this are slight, it’s always important to dress to impress for your video interview.

Perhaps you have to stand to go close a door, or shut a window—you want your interviewer to know you are taking the video interview just as seriously as you would an in-person one. 

Wear a smart on-camera outfit

When in video meetings, it’s good practice to follow these basic tips to ensure you are maintaining an air of professionalism:

    • Avoid flashy jewellery that could be distracting on camera
    • Wear contact lenses instead of glasses to avoid the glare
    • Opt for neutral colours to prevent exposure issues that could come from wearing colours like red or black. 
    • Choose clothing with minimal patterns to reduce distractions and put the focus on you, rather than your clothes

Be there early

Just like an in-person interview, you should aim to be at your virtual interview 10 to 15 minutes early.

This gives you time to troubleshoot any errors and shows the interviewer you are serious about the job. 

Maintain virtual eye contact

With video conferencing platforms, it’s human nature to want to look at yourself rather than the camera.

Practice fighting this urge and looking at the green light at the top of your screen, which will make the interviewer feel as if you are making direct eye contact with them.

Practice your virtual handshake and sign off

While it may seem funny to practice on your own, nailing your virtual hello and goodbye is crucial.

These are the very first and last times your interviewer will interact with you on the call, so you want to start off on the right foot and end on a high note.

Although you won’t be able to have the physical connection of a handshake, it’s important to practice your video greeting and goodbye to ensure you sound poised, concise, and confident. 

Prepare just as much as you would before

It can be tempting to slack off when preparing for a virtual interview.

Many people think they can get away with having notes on the side to refer to, but interviewers can see right through a candidate who is not confident in their answers. 

It’s important to prepare answers for common interview questions, but you should also come to the meeting with some insightful questions for the interviewer as well.

They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and it will give the impression that you did your homework on the company, and are excited at the prospect of getting the job.

As we get adjusted to the new normal, it’s important to be cognizant of how the workplace is changing and adapting.

Seeing as 59% of Singaporeans aren’t comfortable returning to the workplace, remote hiring and work may be commonplace for longer than we may have expected. 

Whether you’re interviewing to become a human resources director or operations assistant, it’s clear that the future landscape of the workplace is changing.

It’s important to be prepared for all types of curveballs, whether it be unexpected interview questions or shifting to a remote work environment with only a few day’s notice. 

For a complete guide to how to nail a virtual interview, check out the animation from Resume Now below. 

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