#7 – Philipp Muedder, Head of WorkPlace, Partnerships & Financial Planning at StashAway

Philipp Muedder is the Head of WorkPlace, Partnerships & Financial Planning at StashAway, the digital wealth manager that intelligently navigates macroeconomic data, not the market ups and downs. Their clients get similar returns to benchmarks with just a fraction of the risk.

Their proprietary investment strategy, ERAA (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation) uses macroeconomic data to maintain each investors’​ personal risk preferences through any economic environment. ERAA’s intelligent asset allocation approach minimises risk and maximises returns by reading thousands of data points to determine current and upcoming economic environments, navigating economic uncertainty, and seeking asset class valuation gaps.

It’s not magic; it’s intelligent investing.

StashAway personalises financial planning and portfolio management for the vast range of needs of retail and accredited investors alike.

StashAway is available in Singapore and Malaysia

Learn more about StashAway workplace platform at workplace.stashaway.sg

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Please enjoy!

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