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5 Places To Find Your Next Tech Talent

With new startups sprouting up faster than you can say unicorn, there is an enormous demand for tech talent.

If you are shopping in the same market, things are going to be tough.

With an extensive selection of employers to choose from, the limited number of tech talent could be very selective in who they wish to work for.

This means going beyond the old school way of just posting (a job ad) and praying (for applicants). Because that just doesn’t work anymore.

You could engage a recruitment company but be prepared to fork out, at least, a few thousand dollars, to even a 5-digit sum. And that’s just for one hire.

There are much more affordable means to find your next tech talent. Here are 5 of them:


1. Schools


With the growing demand for tech talent, the education industry has also jumped in to ride the bandwagon to groom the next generation of tech talent.

Traditional schools are seeing a spike in applications into their computer science programs and people can even get trained up in the programming language of your choice via online learning portal such as Udacity.

This means you can yield more applicants from campus recruitment, or work with online learning portals to reach out to their students. They would certainly want to see their graduates getting placed into a role due to the courses they have completed.


2. Create a challenge

Woto Challenge

Looking for more senior and experienced tech talent?

Forget about the job boards. Those people don’t even have time for Facebook, let alone job directories.

These are passive candidates that are happy doing what they’re doing. But if you can find them and put your face in front of them, they might entertain you.

Such means call for a bit of guerrilla marketing.

For example, a London-based website called Woto has a job listing written in code. Applicants will need to crack the programming language to apply.


3. Online profiles

Twitter Coder

Sometimes it just takes a bit of searching in places that aren’t a résumé depository.

Do you know you could search profiles of people on Twitter and even platforms such as AirBnB?

Here is a Google search string of Twitter users in Singapore with PHP in their profile.

You can also search in Github, Xing, and Stackoverflow.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s an easier option to search for such talent instead of learning Boolean strings.


4. Forums

Phyton Forum

Given the technical nature of their jobs, tech people will often come across issues that they might need help with. Often the quickest way is to look for answers online and especially in niche forums for people like them.

For example, here’s a Python forum with 6,439 members. And they even have a job thread for members to share more about employment opportunities.

This is just one of the many language specific forums out there on the Internet.


5. Programming Competition


This is where computer programmers come together to pit their coding skills against each other. The winner of each round progress to the next where they have to take on an even more difficult challenge. Ultimately a final winner will be left standing and offered a contract with the sponsoring company.

Such concept gains very high popularity amongst the tech community and allow employers to focus on the skill sets more than unnecessary biased.

There are many tech recruitment platforms to look at and quickly implement such games.

Originally published on Recruitment Juice Blog

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