5 Must-Have Tools for Every Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy.

When you are your own boss you are not putting only yourself, but your company on the line as well.

You are responsible for your business success, but for failure as well.

If you wish for your business to grow, you need to dedicate time and energy into it.

And that’s not an easy job.

Some of you will agree that 24 hours per day is not enough and that you constantly need more time.

Seldom could it happen that you forgot some important tasks or meetings, simply because at that moment, you had too many things on your mind.

Sometimes one person is not enough to keep track on everything that needs to be done.

That is a reason why entrepreneurs and directors are usually hiring personal assistants.

But if you cannot hire one, there is another solution.

Since we live in a digital age, there is a number of tools that can help you in your everyday work.

These tools will save you a lot of hours and increase your productivity in no time.

With that in mind, here is a list of 5 tools that could be of help to any entrepreneur from any industry or a company size:


1. WorkFlowy


The tool is a perfect gem if you love to create to-do lists.

If you are an entrepreneur this tool that can help you organize your daily activities in a way most suitable for you. It is a simple user friendly tool that you can connect to all your devices.

It can be described as a website to create your own personal lists.

When you open it, you can immediately start typing and brainstorm whatever comes to your mind.

Everything you write will be presented and saved in one big list.

All those paper laying around your desk will be long gone.


2. PDF to PowerPoint


One of the things that most entrepreneurs do is holding meetings.

This can be really exhausting because you need to be prepared for every meeting at the best possible manner.

If you are doing this on a daily basis, it can be time and energy consuming.

The most important thing to prepare for a meeting is your presentation.

To craft a presentation you might need to go through old presentations  which you can reuse.

As it may happen that your old presentations are kept in PDF format, you will need to turn it to PowerPoint again.

To help you with this, Investintech created PDF to PowerPoint tool that converts PDF to fully editable .pptx files.

No more manually copying and pasting; let this tool do all the work for you.

It can save you significant amount of time that you can use to concentrate on other important things.

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3. OnlyWire


If you are leading your business, an important thing is to be present everywhere.

Not taking this in a consideration or ignoring it entirely, considers to be a bad move.

But luckily for you, there are plenty tools that can help you and save you precious time when posting on social networks.

OnlyWire is a perfect example how one tool can do this.

It lets you control up to 50 different social media accounts and all at once.

It speeds up the process of posting since instead of going one by one, you can auto submit your content to all relevant communities.

Additionally, it is giving you reports and analytics allowing you to track your social media performance.


4. Productivity Owl


A must have Chrome Extension for every entrepreneur that will make you more productive for sure.

And how is it working, you might ask?

The owl flies over and closes your tabs if you are not being productive.

It is here to help you stay focus on your work. It follows you on each page you visit.

It filters the content you see and works by setting up a list of websites you can visit.

Of course it crosses out those websites that are making you unproductive.

It is really useful since you can block unwanted sites and focus on proper work.


5. Rapportive


Maybe not so known tool, but surely a neat and useful one.

Rapportive shows you all information you need to know about your LinkedIn contacts, right inside your email.

As an entrepreneur you might find this Chrome extension quite helpful, because it can speed up the process of finding people you need.

When contacts are embedded, you can see their jobs, profile pictures, companies, e-mails and much more.

Perhaps it’s not the most useful tool that you can get online, but it will help you from time to time, you can count on it.


Bonus: Momentum


At the end of the day, you need to motivate yourself to keep the right track.

Sometimes, small tools can help you here as well. Momentum, a browser extension, is such a tool. It creates lovely quotes for your browser home page.

It’s turning your browser to a motivational broad, specifically designed just for you.

Whenever you open your browser, a new motivational quote will appear, putting a smile on your face.

Now that’s something you would love to have.


Give them a try

It is nice to be an entrepreneur, but that comes with the price and a small help can sure come in handy.

I suggest you to give these tools a try.

You will be more than satisfied with your business and you will feel the difference right away.

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