40 Voices, One Mission: Ricky Foo’s Job-Hunting Revolution

During the peak of COVID-19, when lockdowns seemed endless, my brighter days came from meeting random people over Zoom calls.

This was facilitated by Lunchclub. You input your interests and location preferences, and they match you with like-minded individuals. No agenda is required; it’s just a chance to meet someone new.

I’ve continued this practice, almost always accepting meetups with those who contact me.

Last week, I met Ricky Foo. He’s been running Mercuri Urval‘s (I bet my net worth of $10 that you will get the pronunciation wrong on the first try) Singapore practice for the past decade and is wrapping up a book on job hunting.

His work draws from his extensive headhunting experience and includes insights from 40(!) unique individuals he interviewed specifically for the book.

Some people you meet for the first time and instantly click with. Ricky was one of them for me. Our commonalities helped:

We both have four kids, I was in the same industry a decade ago, and we live on the outskirts—him west, me east.

From our conversation, I’m confident his book will be invaluable for corporate professionals.

Although it’s outside the self-employment realm I’m passionate about, there will always be folks who prefer the corporate path.

To each their own.

Regardless, the experiences, lessons, insights, and strategies of those a few steps ahead of you are always beneficial.

Follow Ricky Foo on LinkedIn for future updates on his job-hunting book.

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