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4 dangers of an office romance

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There has been a survey conducted recently that 8 out of 10 Singaporeans are fine with office romances. It is easy to understand why as we literally spend around 22 days in a month, 9 hours in a day in the office environment. As unattached busy working professionals have limited time for social activities, it comes as natural progressions to find someone you have ‘eyes’ for or affection in the workplace.

When love blossoms

We basically spend more time with our colleagues than our family members day in day out, except for the weekends. We see our colleagues in the morning, have lunch together and even dinner when we need to work OT (over-time).

Romance is easily developed when colleagues spend a fair amount of time on projects, meetings and company’s organised events. If they are performing the same role within the company, the ups and downs are easily understood and thus providing moral support for each other comes naturally.

Though it may seem adventurous or thrilling to be dating your co-colleague, there are still some things to be observed as a professional employee.

Work Morals & Ethnics

Do take time to understand your company’s employee handbook to see if there is any policy that forbids dating your fellow colleague. It doesn’t pay to lose your job should the relationship is discovered and goes public. Think of the consequences before you act.

Do draw a fine line between your work life and personal life. After all, the workplace is for us to work. Do not spend more time sending sweet nothings to your sweetheart than focusing on meeting that date line for the tasks you are assigned to. It may be heart-warming to know that there is someone who cares about you, share your happiness and sorrow in the office. However, avoid spending too much time ‘caring’ for your sweetheart to the extent that your work performance is compromised.

Centre of Attention

When your colleagues noticed that there is ‘something going on’ between the two of you, be prepared to be subjected to teasing and gossiping. Though you may think the affair is between the two of you, it’s inevitable that the two of you will still be the centre of attention as long as you are with the company.

After the ‘break up’

Be prepared on how to face the other party when the relationship goes sour. It will surely be awkward to see him/her every day in the office if the relationship doesn’t end on a good note. If you do not handle it well, you will have nightmares about going to work every day.

Above all, it will be good if you can find your life partner in the work place but do take stock of the possible happenings that accompany with it.
Most importantly, continue to maintain your professional ethics and image in the office when you are involved in an office romance.

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