36: Tulika Tripathi | Snaphunt

Tulika Tripathi is the Founder of Snaphunt, Asia’s leading remote hiring platform and helps employers find top talent anywhere quickly and conveniently.

Snaphunt also matches job seekers with opportunities that are a fit with their skills, work style & motivations to help them find the right jobs & maximise their potential.

Tulika is passionate about making hiring more accurate & transparent and she founded Snaphunt on the back of more than 20 years’ experience in starting up, growing and turning around business in multiple geographies.

Tulika has extensive experience within recruitment and has previously held various senior leadership roles in global recruitment firms, including Executive Director of Michael Page Geneva, MD Page Group Singapore and MD Michael Page India as well as MD–Asia for Hudson Global.

Tulika is also the author of ‘Alice in Corporateland’, a book on achieving success published by Penguin Portfolio.

Special offer: For employers who want to hire remote talent, use Snaphunt for the first month for only USD 365 instead of USD 500. Offer is valid till 28 February 2021.


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