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3 Social Media Tools To Help Boost Your Recruitment

Wasn’t the world of recruitment much simpler before Facebook and LinkedIn came along?

Your laser focus network was your tool of the trade. You knew everybody within your managed sector and clients listened to you for advice.

Now they much prefer to push their questions onto the internet as a status update. Your years of accumulated network and expertise are exchanged for a faster pair of hands to connect with the candidate before your client does.

Riding the social media wave… with tools

Unfortunately, social media isn’t going away anytime soon. But what you could do to be better is to have your ear closer to the ground and be quicker in connecting with talent, even before they make their move. But with dozens of assignments on hand and calls filling up your day, you can’t expect to do it manually.

Fortunately, there are social media tools in the market you can use to monitor the space for you while you busy yourself with making a fee.

Here are 3 of them for you to consider trying out:



Mention is a global leader in web and social media monitoring for businesses. More than 300,000+ brands choose Mention to easily track their brand, competitors, and keywords. From one dashboard you can create real-time alerts in multiple languages and engage with your audience from your social media channels.

You could create keyword-based alerts on your company, your brand, and your competitors, and receive updates in real-time about any mentions on the web and social networks.

So if you specialise in recruiting CFOs in China, those two keywords could form an alert and they would let you know when these combinations are mentioned on the web so you could take the next best course of action.


BrandMentions Social media tracker is a tool to measure the performance of social media brands. Social reports enable you to identify ways to improve your marketing campaigns.

Social media tracking is the process of monitoring a brands’ online conversations. Social analytics tools help you listen to what people say about brands on different social channels. These tools watch social media, news, blogs and media.

Social tracking apps provide you with valuable insights about Share of Voice on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.



Socedo is a simple and effective web application for lead generation and relationship management on Twitter. Get more leads, conversions, and brand advocates for your business. The tool allows you to track specific demographics based on a persona.

It then allows you to pick and choose the profiles you wish to follow and does this in a sequence by first liking their next comment and following up with a message you can completely customise beforehand.


The market is hard and there is so much information to read and digest. But know that there are tools in the market that help you to distil that information and show you just what you need to know.

Think of them as your ATS for information – the kind that will help you to recruit faster and better than your clients.

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