#18 – Mayank Parekh, IHRP

Mayank Parekh is the CEO of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP) since 2017.

IHRP’s mission is to professionalise and strengthen HR practice in Singapore.

Through a range of national human capital programmes such as the IHRP Certification, Human Capital Diagnostics Tool (HCDT) and IHRP Knowledge Partner Programme (KPP), IHRP sets the HR standards of excellence, develops HR as a strategic enabler of business and workforce transformation and fosters a vibrant HR services eco-system to drive innovation and change.

Mayank has over 30 years of experience in regional, global HR and general management roles in both the public and private sectors.

He has led initiatives for MNCs, spanning three continents, 30 countries, and teams of around 9,000.

He has also led acquisitions, transformational change and partnered with key executives to develop and deploy business strategies during periods of rapid growth or cyclical downturns, across mature and developing markets.

Mayank is passionate about the untapped value that good human capital practices can bring to organisations.

Please enjoy!

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