15Five – employee engagement made easy

15Five is a simple and powerful way to gather weekly insight into your employees’ success, challenges, ideas, and morale.

Employees spend about 15 minutes each week answering a few simple questions that take managers 5 minutes to read, review, and provide feedback.

I came across 15Five via an article by their CEO David Hassell. Soon after I took up a a free 4-week trial and never looked back. 15Five basically is a cloud based solution that allows employees and their managers to communicate in a structured manner. As indicated above, employees complete a pre-set questionaire every period (it can be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly) and submit it to their managers for review.

Managers would receive an email notification to login and review the feedback. They could like the comments, reply to them, flag them for follow-up or escalate to another users.

In a world where we are pushed to be more productive by the second, 1-to-1 facetime is becoming a luxury. 15Five is a good way to ensure the communication conduit remains open via another mean. This way facetime can be utilized for more important stuffs, like brainstorming.

It cost $49 for the first 10 people per month and $5 for every additional. Pricing are in USD. Since PIC covers cloud computing, this is something we are claiming for 60% discount.

I highly recommend every time tight organization to give this a try. It’s free for 4 weeks anyway. However a good context would be critical to make it a success. Based on our experience, there would be individuals who do not buy in. Some use it purely as a venting ground which isn’t constructive (think Hong Lim Park). But that shouldn’t negate the entire purpose. We have gotten good information and provided better targeted support for those who uses it constructively.

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