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15 Wellness Perks From Top Companies

[guestpost]This is a guest post by Brigid Ludwig. She is a writer for the Turbo blog, where she aspires to empower others to make smart financial decisions for a happier and healthier life.[/guestpost]

You probably already know that the most valuable asset to any business is its people.

Without the innovative minds and hard-working teams, a business is nothing at all.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in the people in your business just as much as you do any other aspect, like marketing or research and development. Attracting and retaining top talent is what separates a good business from a great one.

One of the best ways to attract the attention of high-quality candidates is to offer fantastic health benefits.

Having great sick leave, or like scheduling software Asana, employee designated nap rooms can catch the attention of the most qualified candidates. Plus, once you hire them, providing great benefits can help reduce employee turnover.

While you may not be able to offer the most fabulous benefits like an Olympic-sized swimming pool, or three chef-cooked meals a day, your efforts in providing a comprehensive package can go a long way.

Perhaps switch out healthier snacks in the break room, or offer more flexibility in your working hours.

Listen to your employees, and make it known that you care about their well being as more than an employee.

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