#15 – Nigel Hembrow, Astronaut

Nigel Hembrow is the CEO and Co-Founder of Astronaut. 

Astronaut is a web & mobile video interview platform that supports asynchronous communications, making recruitment fast and fun for Employers of all sizes. They also work with RPOs, Universities & Assessment Centers to virtualize & automate their interviews, pre-employment assessment, course admissions, field research, online learning & more key processes.

Some of their users include Sampoerna, KornFerry, NUS, IMDA, Go-Jek, Pegadaian, Google, Kompas Gramedia, DANAdidik & many more.

Previously in large-scale real estate & infrastructure project management, he was lured to Singapore and early-stage B2B software ventures in 2010. With strong experience in recruitment agency, remote team building, that led to the creation of Astronaut (astrnt.co) that is based in Jakarta.

Sign up for a free 30-day account. Simply go to astrnt.co/register to create your account. 

Learn more about Astronaut at:

Please enjoy!

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