#12 – Marcus Aw Yong, Sansan

Marcus Aw Yong is responsible for leading the Sansan Global Marketing team in driving demand generation and awareness in Asia Pacific and beyond. For over 10 years, Marcus has been helping companies compete at the forefront of the digital transformation landscape, and is a firm proponent of uplifting companies in deploying the right marketing strategies and techniques to achieve their business objectives.

Sansan is a publicly-traded company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Since 2007, it has been both enhancing and disrupting the contact management industry amid Japan’s traditional business culture. Sansan has become a trailblazer in business networking SaaS solutions. It created and dominates the business card contact market in Japan. And from the Singapore Global office, Sansan works to bring unique solutions adjusted to other parts of Asia and the world.

With Virtual Cards, online contracts, and more features on the way, Sansan encourages digital transformation and new ways of working. And the world is starting to notice Sansan, and our 6,000+ corporate clients worldwide.

Download Sansan’s ebook on the Top 10 Tips to Drive More Sales Remotely here.

To learn more about Sansan:

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