#11 – Loke Qian Li, Straits Interactive

Loke Qian Li is an international Fellow of Information Privacy and writes for the International Association of Privacy Professionals, Data Protection Excellence Network and Bloomberg Law. Prior to joining Straits Interactive, he was Data Protection Officer and Director of an HR-tech firm. He is a co-developer and co-trainer of the module Data Protection Principles – China & Taiwan for SMU Academy and is a PDPC-appointed speaker on selected topics.

Straits Interactive is a leading Data Protection Service Provider that is listed on the PDPC’s website and active in the region. They have helped hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals on their professional journey in Personal Data Protection.

Learn at DPEX Network for more resources on your Data Protection Journey – www.dpexnetwork.org. HR professionals pay as little as $1,000 for a Hands-On DPO Training Course (after funding) 

Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) for Data Protection Officers (DPO)

Please enjoy!

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