109: Daan Van Rossum on why companies are getting their employees to return-to-office

Daan van Rossum is the CEO of FlexOS, the platform that helps companies in South-East Asia get people together again in the world of hybrid work. All to help them with their key challenge: to attract, engage and retain the best talent in the market.

He also does this as CEO of Dreamplex, the leading Workplace Experience provider. Dreamplex started in 2015 as a coworking space and has since transformed itself into the leading workplace experience provider, partnering with companies such as Tiki, Topica, PR Newswire, eBay and Samsung.

He does this with a team of over 50 workplace strategy, tech, design, hospitality and employee experience specialists – including the GWA “International Community Manager of the Year 2020.”

Before leading FlexOS and Dreamplex, Daan worked as a Regional Strategy & Innovation Director for marketing firm Ogilvy across their Amsterdam, New York, Chicago, Singapore, and Ho Chi Minh City offices, after which he ran his own startup.

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