101.Careers Launches CAI – The First Career Prediction Bot in the World

Singapore, 30 Oct 2018 – Can AI predict what your career should be? 

101.Careers, the first globally oriented career exploration platform for students from age 13 and up, have done precisely that in partnership with SoMin.ai

Utilizing publicly available data from social media such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, CAI, 101’s proprietary Career AI bot, processes text, images, video to predict the user’s personality type and corresponding career options within seconds.

Launched in 2018, 101.Careers has already signed up thousands of students on board the platform via SaaS subscription model from international schools around the world including schools in the GEMS and Nord Anglia networks.

With the launch of CAI, 101.Careers aims to target individual students, their parents as well as independent counselors as CAI provides a means for potential users to get a glimpse of the platform before subscribing.

Ms. Shauna Li Roolvink, Founder & CEO of 101.Careers, commented: “Career prediction utilizing social media is only the first step for CAI.  Eventually CAI could predict the most suitable universities and the most suitable employers for our users.”

“101.Careers could also leverage on Somin’s AI-driven influencer marketing platform to boost their digital marketing performance.”  Dr. Aleks Farseev, Co-Founder & Research Director at SoMin.ai, added.


About 101.Careers

101.Careers is most global and comprehensive career exploration platform designed for 21st century students.

Founded by Ms. Shauna Li Roolvink, a Mom with a passionate to help her children find the most suitable careers to them.  During her research, she realized that most the tools available online were either outdated or incomplete.

She thus decided to start 101.Careers as she comprehended that many other parents were facing the similar issues with their teenage children.

The 101.Careers platform contains 4 modules – Career Assessment, Career Library, Career Immersion and Mentorship.

The Career Assessment Module includes 3 fun and easy career quizzes including MBTI Personality, Intelligence Type and Career Interest.

The Career Library Module contains 101 Career Library pages.

Each page contains News Articles, Summary and Future Prospects, Day-in-the-Life Videos as well as Videos with Leading Practitioners in the respective fields, and salary data for 500 over jobs across 9 countries and 4 continents.

The Career Immersion Module contains hundreds of immersion programs including summer courses, online courses, virtual field trips as well internships as well in selected countries.

The Mentorship Module allows school subscribers to invite their alumni and parents of students on board to mentor students from anywhere in the world based on students’ career and university interest.

Individual subscription for 101.Careers starts from little as $35 per annum, making it a highly affordable and worthwhile investment to parents and students.

Contact Ms. Shauna Li Roolvink @ [email protected] for more information


About SoMin.ai

SoMin.ai is one of the Asia’s fast-growing tech start-ups that originated from Asia’s Top Research Group on Social Multimedia Analytics.

SoMin’s user profiling and visual processing AI tool empowers multiple research and commercial organizations across the Asia Pacific and European regions to enhance their marketing operations.

The company has successfully launched a cloud-based AI-Driven Social Media Influencer Platform, which helps multinational brands to improve their marketing effectiveness by identifying the most effective influencers based on target market fit.

Contact Dr. Aleks Farseev @ [email protected] for more information.

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