Which local bank has the best banking support for startups?

This is a guest post by Ben Teo. He is the content marketer for Linkflow Capital Pte Ltd, a business financing consultancy firm. To receive updates and useful information on SME financing, follow them on Facebook.

Setting up a business in Singapore is easy in comparison to many South-East Asia countries.

[Podcast] Interview with Gary Lee

Chief HR Officer, GRUNDFOS

As a seasoned facilitator and talent developer with over 12 years of experience in L&OD, talent management and consulting, Gary Lee has worked with companies from diverse industries in the areas of Talent Development, Leadership, Change Management and Corporate Strategy.

Before joining Grundfos as the Chief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group OD, Gary was the Regional Head of Training of a consultancy firm with presence across seven countries in APAC.

How Might Blockchain Technology Affect the Future of HR?

This is a guest post by Marcus Turner Jones. He graduated in Economics from the University of Sheffield before pursuing a career as a Market Analyst in London. He has his own website, Turner Jones Finance, and writes freelance from Buenos Aires with his dog, Luna.


Blockchain technology is probably best known as the tech that is behind the use of bitcoin.

18 Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs That You Need To Know

What is productivity?

Entrepreneurs are possibly one of the most productive people in Singapore because when you’re an entrepreneur, time = money.

No one is going to pay you overtime hours, and the faster and more effective you get routine tasks done, the more time you can spend on your next business venture or developing a new business idea.

[Podcast] Interview with Michael Wright

Head of Talent Acquisition at GRAB

Michael Wright (@mobidextrous) is the Head of Talent Acquisition at GRAB, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile tech company with a valuation of more than US$3billion.

Before GRAB, he was heading the Talent Acquisition function at GroupM Singapore where he helped the company to win multiple awards in recruitment.

A highly sought-after speaker, he is captivating on stage and can so often amaze you with the simplest recruiting tactics that bring about enormous impact.

Retain talent with a great feedback culture

Interview with Elisa Ang, Founder of Hoorah.io

Having been involved in tech recruitment, I know how challenging it is to find software people in Singapore.

Elisa Ang cover shot

For every one of them, they probably have a dozens opportunities lined up for them.

So I really paid attention when I learned about Elisa.

There isn’t many ladies in development work, less so for one who is an expert in data science.

Tell Me More About Awari

Leverage data to mitigate hidden bias

Our brains have a natural tendency to sort things into groups.

This sorting is based on experiences we’ve had throughout life, whether those experienced occurred personally or were shared experiences from others.

This phenomenon often leads to snap judgements and in the workplace, what some psychologists call Idiosyncratic Rater Effect— which tells us that a rating of a performance quality such as “potential” is driven by the idiosyncrasies of the rater versus the ratee.

Tell Me More About FindThatEmail

The Yellow Pages of Email

With cold calls going the way of the dinosaurs, email is increasingly becoming a more effective way to reach out to prospects.

Just look at the first thing most of us would do when we wake up. We check our emails.

And we keep doing that every other 10 minutes.

Emails is an easy way to get in touch with the most appropriate gatekeeper since you can bypass them.

Making Hiring Fairer, Faster And More Efficient through an AI Screening Process

Interview with Vaisagh Viswanathan, Co-founder and Head of Product & Tech at Impress.ai

Vaisagh Viswanathan is the co-founder and CTO at impress.ai.

With impress.ai they aim to make hiring fairer by using the right data points to deliver a ten fold increase in productivity and efficiency while ensuring that candidates have a better application experience in the process.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur, he worked as a researcher in the field of complex systems after doing a PhD in computer science at Nanyang Technological University.

Tell Me More About Scout

your personal AI recruiting expert

Regardless of economic situation, hiring is always painful.

Active candidates are very much hit-and-miss. Passive candidates are where the gems are. But finding these group of people is extremely difficult.

Which is why recruitment companies are still making tonnes of placement fees.

But Scout is attempting to disrupt this whole market by using AI to not just identify the right talents for you, but making it extremely easy to reach out to them.