The Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in HR

This is a guest post by Marcus Turner-Jones. He graduated from Economics at the University of Sheffield before going on to work as a Market Analyst. He now writes freelance and spends time between his hometown of Harrogate and Buenos Aires.

With the rapid growth of technology many industries have had to change with the times, and Human Resources is no different.

Find The Right People Faster

Review of Snovio

In the world of increasing connectivity, it remains incredibly frustrating hard to find someone’s corporate email address.

Be it to link up with old work pals, recruiting or prospecting, getting the email address is key to getting your message across.

There are many tools available in the market that do just that.

[Podcast] Interview with Alexandra Lamb

Founder of Ka-Bloom Group

Alexandra has more than 14 years of extensive experience in coaching & human capital consulting across Asia Pacific.

Before she started her own practice, the Ka-Bloom Group, she spent more than 7 years with Korn Ferry in various roles.

Her work includes collaborating with high-growth companies in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and ANZ, helping them to deliver programs across the full talent lifecycle.

[Podcast] Interview with Cilia Rasasegram

Chief Experience Officer at The Employee Experience Project

With 17 years of experience in human resources, Cilia Rasasegram specializes in startups, SMEs and companies in turnaround or transformation, covering Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

She was previously the General Manager of People and Culture of iCar Asia, the owner of ASEAN’s largest network of automotive websites.

Before that, Cilia was the Head of People and Culture for Tune Protect where she grew the company from 11 employees to 500 in just over 4 years with the company.

[Podcast] Interview with Gary Lee

Chief HR Officer, GRUNDFOS

As a seasoned facilitator and talent developer with over 12 years of experience in L&OD, talent management and consulting, Gary Lee has worked with companies from diverse industries in the areas of Talent Development, Leadership, Change Management and Corporate Strategy.

Before joining Grundfos as the Chief HR Specialist, Global Talent Development, Group OD, Gary was the Regional Head of Training of a consultancy firm with presence across seven countries in APAC.

18 Productivity Tools For Entrepreneurs That You Need To Know

What is productivity?

Entrepreneurs are possibly one of the most productive people in Singapore because when you’re an entrepreneur, time = money.

No one is going to pay you overtime hours, and the faster and more effective you get routine tasks done, the more time you can spend on your next business venture or developing a new business idea.

[Podcast] Interview with Michael Wright

Head of Talent Acquisition at GRAB

Michael Wright (@mobidextrous) is the Head of Talent Acquisition at GRAB, Southeast Asia’s largest mobile tech company with a valuation of more than US$3billion.

Before GRAB, he was heading the Talent Acquisition function at GroupM Singapore where he helped the company to win multiple awards in recruitment.

A highly sought-after speaker, he is captivating on stage and can so often amaze you with the simplest recruiting tactics that bring about enormous impact.

Retain talent with a great feedback culture

Interview with Elisa Ang, Founder of

Having been involved in tech recruitment, I know how challenging it is to find software people in Singapore.

Elisa Ang cover shot

For every one of them, they probably have a dozens opportunities lined up for them.

So I really paid attention when I learned about Elisa.

There isn’t many ladies in development work, less so for one who is an expert in data science.