Helping Millennials Discover The Careers They Will Love

Interview with Sharon Yeo, Co-Founder at TalentTribe Asia

Sharon is the co-founder of TalentTribe Asia, a team that’s on a mission to help young people find careers they’ll actually enjoy.

TalentTribe Asia is a career discovery platform that showcases an inside look into company culture, people, office spaces and day-to-day work life.

They work closely with companies to showcase their employer brand to engage and attract millennial talent.

Four Emerging HR Tech Startups in Asia

Technology has been the driving force behind disruptive innovation in so many areas of industry.

New terms have been coined to describe such innovations, such as MedTech,  EduTech, FinTech and AdTech, and the list continues to grow.

One “newcomer” is HRTech or human resources technology.

Almost all businesses require human capital to operate (except perhaps Elon Musk’s Gigafactory), so it would be naïve to believe that our legacy human resources processes can survive without any form of upgrade.

Facilitating Greater Community Within Organizations

Interview with Tom Zacharski, Co-founder/CEO at HR Tech Cultavo

Tom is the Co-Founder and CEO of a startup that aims to create happier workplaces.

Formerly a professional in the tech industry with a passion for the Internet landscape.

He combines business education and solid analytical skills with technical knowledge and a flair for entrepreneurship.

Having worked and/or studied in eight different countries he understands the challenges facing global businesses very well.

Why Phuket Should Be Your Next Company Retreat Destination

After a full year of hard work, your employees are probably exhausted, and definitely deserve a break.

It is important to make sure that they’re appreciated for their efforts, and company trips are often a good way to do so.

Not only do you get to reward your employees, you also get to do some bonding in the process, and build a stronger team.

3 Chrome Plugins To Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing

Despite the advancement of technology with the invasion of AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, hiring is still pretty much a painful process for many.

You start off confidently with a vacancy handed down from your hiring managers, thinking it would be a walk in the park.

A job ad goes here, a social post there and voila!

6 fun (but useful) traits to look for when recruiting for your start up

Creating a start-up is an exciting journey!

The establishment of a little idea into the action of empowering people, communities and society at large is greatly valued in today’s world.

Even so, building a start-up from the ground up into a viable, profit-making business, is equally as thrilling.

Part of the exhilarating experience is recruiting the team of people for the job.

How Can SMS Benefit Your HR Department

In today’s mobile age, current HR messaging strategies are not as effective anymore. The reasons include:

  • Messages not being read
  • Messages not received on time
  • Messages are being ignored

SMS messaging is a great solution to your HR’s communication.

Here are some different ways you can use SMS:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Employee communications
  3. Emergency notifications

To learn more about how SMS can really benefit your HR department, take a look at Trumpia’s infographic below.

6 Tools That You Need to Make Your Employees Succeed

In business, your tools matter.

The methodology and hardware with which you promote and build your business is what really sets you apart from your competitors.

It’s not that mentality does not matter, but that your mentality is best described in the ensemble of tools and methods with which you define your company, and carve out a piece of your own within your industry.

Disruptive Singapore HR Tech Startups That You Need To Know

Recently I have been speaking at events about HR tech in Singapore.

From ASME Business Symposium to Smart Workforce Summit and very soon, at SHRI Congress 2016.

HR Tech seems to be (finally) gaining traction and interest within the target community.

There are even opportunities for the HR Tech Startups to exhibit at a couple of these events to drive more awareness out in the market.

A serious look into the future of HR in Singapore

What I learned from U HR Leaders Forum 2016

In recent times, Airbnb redefined their HR function in terms of what it is and what it does with the appointment of a new Global Head of Employee Experience.

The role is to oversee and connect everything that has to do with their “workplace as an experience” vision, which is central to their culture and customer-centric approach.