Helping Millennials Discover The Careers They Will Love

Interview with Sharon Yeo, Co-Founder at TalentTribe Asia

Sharon is the co-founder of TalentTribe Asia, a team that’s on a mission to help young people find careers they’ll actually enjoy.

TalentTribe Asia is a career discovery platform that showcases an inside look into company culture, people, office spaces and day-to-day work life.

They work closely with companies to showcase their employer brand to engage and attract millennial talent.

How Social Media Helps Business Growth

Social media is a major marketing tool, no matter which demographic you’re targeting as your market.

People use social media to keep in touch with friends and family, share opinions/photos/stories, stay up-to-date on news/current events and for general networking.

If people aren’t working, they are pretty likely to be on some type of social media (Facebook, with its 1.7 billion active users, reigns supreme).

The Cost Benefits of Using a Virtual Office for Your Business

Every year, more businesses take the leap towards remote setups and start incorporating virtual offices into their corporate routine.

Some are older companies trying to find ways to cut costs.

Others are fledgeling ventures with no fear of being unconventional and taking the whole team out of the traditional workspace.

Whatever your reason for considering virtual offices, you’ve probably thought about their impact on your overheads.

How To Create Business Website With WordPress

Your website is your No. 1 marketing tool. Very few businesses nowadays can succeed without one. It is the face of your business and, just like people, you only get one chance to make a  good first impression.

Consumers are very judgemental. If your website looks unprofessional, you’re not only going to lose their business that one time – it would be safe to assume that they’re never coming back.

Facilitating Greater Community Within Organizations

Interview with Tom Zacharski, Co-founder/CEO at HR Tech Cultavo

Tom is the Co-Founder and CEO of a startup that aims to create happier workplaces.

Formerly a professional in the tech industry with a passion for the Internet landscape.

He combines business education and solid analytical skills with technical knowledge and a flair for entrepreneurship.

Having worked and/or studied in eight different countries he understands the challenges facing global businesses very well.

8 Business Financing Options That You Need To Know

Financing a business isn’t like getting a bank loan for a car or home. There are quite a few creative options out there to explore, on top of traditional methods.


1. Bootstrapping

Before you get too excited looking for money elsewhere, consider “bootstrapping” as your first step.

If you are able to fund the initial capital yourself, it is a safer route to take in your company’s infancy as it develops and your business concept matures.

The Journey To Become 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking

Interview with Darren Tay, Principal and Master trainer of the Public Speaking Academy

I first learned about Darren when I came across the video of his speech made during the finals of Toastmasters’ 2016 World Champion of Public Speaking.

It was amazing to learn that a fellow Singaporean earned a gold on the global platform.

You can catch the replay of his speech here:

His topic would resonate with everyone out there as we are indeed (spoiler alert!) our own worst bully.

This Is How To Get Your First Business Idea

Okay, so you’ve now prepped yourself personally. You feel you’re in a good place to start something fantastic for and by yourself.

But how do you come up with a great business idea?


Don’t obsess about being original – Focus on being better!

You want to be the next Richard Branson but you feel like everything’s already in existence.