Wish To Be An Entrepreneur? Ask Yourself These Questions First

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.

You’re sick of your 9-to-5 job that drains your mind, body and soul.

Plus you have an awesome business idea that could free you from the prison that is your day job.

But before you plonk that resignation letter on your boss’ desk, ask yourself the following questions and be 100% honest with yourself.

Building a Brand for Your Startup

This is a guest post by Emma Miller. She is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog.

Building a brand for your startup can be very tiresome, especially if your company has been just founded and it doesn’t have regular customers, prospects and leads.

From Managing Businesses To Starting His Own

Interview with Kelvin Loh, Director & Co-Founder at Corporate BackOffice

Kelvin was introduced by my ex-investor who had worked along with him when his family’s accounting business was acquired by Boardroom China.

We met at Prata Wala in Nex for a morning prata, and I can understand how Kelvin prospers for so many years in China.

He is a highly personable person.

6 fun (but useful) traits to look for when recruiting for your start up

Creating a start-up is an exciting journey!

The establishment of a little idea into the action of empowering people, communities and society at large is greatly valued in today’s world.

Even so, building a start-up from the ground up into a viable, profit-making business, is equally as thrilling.

Part of the exhilarating experience is recruiting the team of people for the job.

Helping Companies Build A Better Culture One Team At A Time

Interview with Leong Chee Tung, Co-Founder and CEO at EngageRocket

I first met CheeTung at HR Analytics Singapore meet up group.

Being a HR Tech fanatic, I was intrigued by the company he co-founded which focus on building a great workplace.

And soon after I’m reading about him every where in outlets such as Channel Newsasia,The Business Times,The Straits Times, The Jakarta Post, Kompas, Asian Banking and Finance, The Asian Banker, The Gallup Business Journal, and others.

Starting a business? Choose your investors carefully

Funding for start-up companies is essential and not always easy to source.

Unless you already have a substantial nest egg or are independently wealthy, it’s almost impossible to start a new business venture without bringing in outside investors.

This can be an extremely difficult process, involving some enquiry and investigation about those you think might be interested in investing in your enterprise.

Celebrating the ASEAN Startup

The Rice Bowl Startup Awards Finale Night 2016 in Manila awards GRAB as Startup of The Year

In the search for remarkable startups in ASEAN countries and to recognize the best among the best, winners of eleven categories of The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards (ARBSA) 2016 were announced during the Finale Night held at RBL.ION MNL Unconference in Manila, Philippines.

The ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards 2016 is presented by Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC), and managed and organized by New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF).

4 Government Funding for Every Beginner Singapore SME

Over the course of years running my own business, I have learned to tap on the myriad of government funding and grants that are available.

It started way back in 2008 when we tap on LETAS (otherwise known as the Local Enterprise Technical Assistance Scheme).

The purpose of this grant is to offset the cost of engaging external consultants to implement quality management and IT systems.