Which local bank has the best banking support for startups?

Setting up a business in Singapore is easy in comparison to many South-East Asia countries.

From sourcing office premises to start-up banking accounts, you will be spoilt for choices.

However, which banks provides the best banking support for your new business? Understandably running a start-up is a time and money intensive endeavour.

Retain talent with a great feedback culture

Interview with Elisa Ang, Founder of Hoorah.io

Having been involved in tech recruitment, I know how challenging it is to find software people in Singapore.

Elisa Ang cover shot

For every one of them, they probably have a dozens opportunities lined up for them.

So I really paid attention when I learned about Elisa.

There isn’t many ladies in development work, less so for one who is an expert in data science.

Making Hiring Fairer, Faster And More Efficient through an AI Screening Process

Interview with Vaisagh Viswanathan, Co-founder and Head of Product & Tech at Impress.ai

Vaisagh Viswanathan is the co-founder and CTO at impress.ai.

With impress.ai they aim to make hiring fairer by using the right data points to deliver a ten fold increase in productivity and efficiency while ensuring that candidates have a better application experience in the process.

Before becoming a full time entrepreneur, he worked as a researcher in the field of complex systems after doing a PhD in computer science at Nanyang Technological University.

The Future Of Commercial Insurance

Interview with Steve Tunstall, Co-Founder & CEO at Inzsure

Steve is CEO and Co-Founder of InsurTech start up, Inzsure, based from Singapore.

Inzsure uses a digital platform to put corporate customers back in command of the insurance purchase decision.

Blockchain-based technology based on smart contracts rooted in ethereum allow secure, supercharged, procurement and claim settlement transactions with minimal friction, zero delay and at no cost to the corporate insured.

Advancing Careers With Their Proprietary Matching Algorithm

Interview with Gary Gan, Co-Founder at JobKred

Gary is an experienced entrepreneur and marketer, involved in the startup of several successful companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

He co-founded Gaming How, a retail and events company that grew to 20+ employees, leading it to 100% year on year revenue growth, and which received the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2013.

Providing a world-class video-selfie Q&A interview platform

Interview with Nigel Hembrow, Co-Founder & CEO at HR Tech Astronaut

Nigel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Astronaut, a team that’s helping democratise opportunity for job seekers, and speed up the recruitment process for hiring teams.

Astronaut is a B2B platform that is used both standalone or via integration with ATS and jobs boards.

Before recruitment and technology, Nigel was managing real estate project teams in Australia and the UK for Lend Lease, and others.

Boosting Employee Engagement And Corporate Wellness

Interview with Sudhanshu Tewari, Co-founder and CEO of Rewardz

Sudhanshu is the co-founder and CEO of Rewardz, a team that’s on a mission to build happier and healthier workplaces.

He worked as a senior technologist in some of the largest investment banks in Singapore such as JP Morgan and Credit Suisse for over a decade after graduating from NUS in 2004.

You Finally Started Your First Business. Now What?

The “next step” is every entrepreneur’s dream. It means you’ve survived the initial teething issues and have a real business that has the potential to generate real income and business growth.

You’ve got your website, set up your social media accounts, got your finances sorted out (hopefully!), and you’re now exploring steps to go to the next level in terms of your business’ growth.

Providing An Extremely Versatile And Mobile HR Management Software

Interview with Terence Toh, Co-founder of HR Tech Payboy

Terence is an opportunistic and motivated individual.

Terence Toh HR Tech Payboy

During the last 3 years, he dabbled into multiple businesses and managed to profit from every single one of them.

Terence is a avid reader and learner. He believes everyone should push themselves for self-improvement.

Terence also has his fair share working with big corporation.

Q&A With 8 Female Entrepreneurs In Celebration Of International Women’s Day

and how Entrepreneurs' Organization helped them achieve their success

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are giving the spotlight to local women entrepreneurs who have made all of us proud to be women!

Such organization who has embraced the entrepreneurship spirit is Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Singapore.

Made up of successful entrepreneurs across Singapore from various industries, we sat down with its 8 female members of EO to find out about their successes and challenges.